iReply graphic

I keep joining things this month – PhotoHunt, NaBloPoMo, and now the iReply movement. I saw it on Hawk’s place (and he’ll tell you where he saw it) and followed the links to Me And My Drum, who posted about the movement that was started after various conversations among blogger buddies.

I have been complaining to a friend of mine lately about this. I’ve found some bloggers with very interesting and relevant (to me) things to say, and yet they ignore comments. So why allow comments at all? I fully admit that I want community from my blogging experience. Not to mention that often some of the best parts of the post actually occur in the comments, so fostering discussion and community benefits everyone.

When I followed Hawk’s links in his post, I found that Mark (of MeAndMyDrum) and his blogging buddies (Mike and Brown Baron) who came up with this were saying the same things. It was much like reading my own thoughts, even down to deleting feeds from my reader of the blogs that weren’t welcoming! Well, other than the issue of having so many comments that I couldn’t keep up! That’s not anything I’ve experienced.

So I am joining the movement, and putting the graphic (which I stole from Hawk, because the dark background wasn’t working great with the original from Mark’s site) on my sidebar. I’ll reply to pretty much anyone who comments, unless (not holding my breath!) it gets to be too much, in which case I’ll reply to as many as possible (especially any newcomers) and make sure that everyone feels welcome.

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