Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

I stumbled on this while I was tag surfing this evening, and of course I had to grab hold and join the fun.

The issue is the environment, and y’all know I can’t shut up about that (and other things)!

In finding this site, I found what looks like a nice list of 50 things we can all do. It is gratifying to see how many things in the first 20 or so I read that I already do. Things that I’ve added into my life routine in the past few years. It reminds me of the progress I’ve made, and reminds me of some other things (inflate your tires, plant a tree) that I’ve been meaning to get better at.

So, if you are interesting in joining me, and the other 10,000 blogs who have signed up so far (with a guestimated reach of 7 million readers!), check out what the Blog Action Day is about. One of the things I like about their approach is:

Posts do not need to have any specific agenda, they simply need to relate to the larger issue in whatever way suits the blogger and readership. Our aim is not to promote one particular viewpoint, only to push the issue to the table for discussion.

That’s always important to me, because if we all sat around and said the same exact thing, we wouldn’t be accomplishing much. The strength is in the unity of purpose and diversity of voices.