Disneyworld and laughing children is what most people probably think of when they think of Orlando, FL (if, indeed, they ever think of Orlando, FL), but this city should also be known for its sketchier side: making it illegal to feed homeless people. In fact, if you feed homeless people you will be put on trial facing possible jail time.

My backwardness shows itself in my obscure morality – if we’re to legislate these kinds of things, why the fuck isn’t it illegal to NOT feed someone who is starving? Morals, ethics, anyone?

The young man on trial was with Food Not Bombs. FNB is well known by homeless and do-gooders alike. It runs on no budget, fueled purely by volunteers, and is the essence of a grassroots effort. There is no central FNB office. A great deal of the food used to cook the FNB meals is the toss-away stuff that grocery stores would otherwise let languish in dumpsters.

Oh, did you know it is also illegal to eat food that someone else is throwing away? That’s right, folks, trash is more sacred in this country than life.

This is no surprise to me at all. FNB’ers are routinely hassled, whether in the shadow of Disneyworld or not. Likewise, people who dare to plant food bearing plants in public places often face stalking and hassling by law enforcement types. Clearly those who wish to plant plants and feed the homeless are dangerous criminal types. First step: feed the homeless. Second step: attempt at world domination!

Is it any wonder nothing ever gets done by TPTB? It is up to us to take care of our own communities, as it has always been. Too bad this seems like such an alien concept to the vast majority.