Grace was sweet enough to honor me with this award:


The award might be because I make her smile, but Grace is the one who makes me smile with this award. And perhaps with some ruefulness. I have been wondering lately if I’m not too serious. And then laughing at myself, because I can’t quite care if others do find me too serious. I am what I am! I couldn’t change even if I wanted to.

So thanks, Ms Pomegranate! It is greatly appreciated, and I am highly honored.

And passing it forward, I would bestow it upon the splendiforous PicsieChick, because even though I’ve been lazy lately in commenting on her pictures, I view and enjoy each and every one of them. Also my good friend Rich, the lazy blogger, because he is so book I can’t help but to smile. And finally, the amazing Rubz, who is real and honest and blogs through things that I would want to sleep through if I were in her shoes. Actually, she probably would too, but sleep is fickle for her lately.

No obligation for anyone to do anything with this, of course, it is simply my pleasure to have a chance to point out some people who make me smile, most every day.

es july