I was at the animal sanctuary today helping out set up for a big event they’re having tomorrow. One of the people who runs the sanctuary happened to mention that a video someone made about their place was on youtube. I looked it up, and found it. It is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time. It was so fun to see a place and friends I love on a little youtube video, but it was also narrated by a five year old boy, which just loaded on the cute factor. It is just under 7 minutes long, and well worth sitting down to watch!

This makes me want to learn how to video, just a bit. It is such a different way of looking at the world! As chance has it, my parents had an oldish video camera that they hadn’t used in the 2 years they had it (they got it when they turned in some air miles, so I’m guessing it was an old model even then), and they gave it to me to sort of try out. They might ask for it back some day, but in the meantime I can play around with video and see whether it is something I’d want to do more of. Fun!

Oh, and just because it is hilarious, here is a 1.5 minute video that shows a little animal activism of an unusual kind!