I’m not only sick of work, I’m sick of being sick of work. I’ll change this, hopefully soon. Last night, however, I was just my typically anxious self the night before work, and truth be told, I never quite lost that anxiety the entire time I was “on vacation”.

moonrise and sunset

Bummer. I was annoyed.

Not as annoyed as when I got to work and the login screen didn’t come up. Muttering about inconsiderate people who mess around with my computer when I’m not there, I leaned down and pressed the power button on the computer. Nothing. No whirring of the hard drive, no fan, no nothing. I pressed it a couple more times before realizing that no, it wasn’t me, I really was pressing the power button, and the computer just wasn’t responding. (It was 6:30am, so of course I first assumed it was an ID-10-T error!)

My computer lived under my desk. Apparently it died there as well. I got on the floor, pulled out the computer to where I could reach the cords, and was vaguely confused at the drops of water that ended up on my hand. Since it was before my tea, I wasn’t really attempting to think yet. I made sure all appropriate things were plugged in and jabbed at the power button again. Nada. I unplugged the power, because hey, it is a Dell computer running windows, and you never quite know what will work when you’re trying a magic reboot to solve all problems. Plugged it back in, jabbed the button, and NOTHING.

I finally realized that the water dripping from the computer was not ideal. I noticed the water spots on top of the computer. I noticed that the carpet where my computer had lived (and died) was drenched. Whaaa?

I found one of the other village idiots who gets in at an absurd Oh-dark-thirty hour, and asked in my stupid early-morning way, “was there a flood in here?” No, there hadn’t been. Not anywhere except in the corner under my desk where my computer lived. (and died.)

There was no water stain on the ceiling. There was no evidence of water on my desk. I hadn’t been there for 6 days, myself, and though I have exactly one plant, I had not overwatered it before I left, and the soil was approaching dry – the water could not have come from my plant container. Especially not when it looked like two Big Gulp’s worth of water must have been dumped there.

I learned that the water had been noticed the day before, on Monday. Early. So it probably happened over the weekend?

No one knows. No one is saying. No one else was affected.

The water that fried my computer is a complete mystery. Six of my coworkers stood around my desk with me and we went over, in our engineering ways of logic, the possible answers to the mystery.

One of the six was the first to say “sabotage?” though I was definitely thinking it already. Did someone really water my computer? And why?

My power supply, at the very least, is fried. I hope that is all it is, because it would be a week of my time to get that damn computer’s environment back to where I need it to be, in order to work. When they finally give me a task that is a wee bit more specific than “learn the code,” that is.

I called in a help desk ticket at 6:40am. I heard nothing by the time I left for the day. I wrote letters all day. This was not a bad thing, though I felt strangely disconnected.

Does this have anything to do with my recurring dreams of being bit by a rattlesnake?

Possibly. I have only one enemy at work, and she neither hurt me nor gained anything by this stunt, if she pulled this stunt. In fact, she’s made herself clear, not only to me, but to TPTB. In the sense of having an issue with me, not in the sense of what that issue is. Or, if she’s explained it to TPTB, she hasn’t explained it to me, and neither have they. They, on the other hand, have explained to me that they have her number, and I’m not to worry.

But maybe, just maybe, my computer should have worried.

On a more serious note, Ruby posted about a blog event, Blogging To Stop Abuse. It is on September 27, 2007, which is this Thursday, and it is pretty simple – blog about abuse, whatever abuse gets you on your soapbox. I’m going to join in, and I hope you do too!

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