She sounds a little like Fiona Apple to me.

Leanne, not sure if you know Rachel Yamagata, but if not, I’m betting you’ll like her – a voice and a piano, kind of like chocolate and peanut butter, right?

Nothing feels right lately, and I’m not sure if it is me or something else. Of course my heel still doesn’t feel right, but that’s different.

It is like deja vu, but the opposite, more like jamais vu, but not really the way wiki describes it. Not from amnesia or migraines, more like a disconnectedness from my own life. Is this really me? What am I doing? How did I get here? And why?

Maybe it is the stupid quarterlife crisis all over again. Not time for mid-life crisis yet (I hope), so maybe there is thirdlife crisis? Somehow that makes me sound like I’m partially feline.

So this picture, and this hill, I don’t think it really gives the perspective of how painful this hill was to bike up after having hiked in some serious mountains for 8 hours the previous day. Very painful. Take my word for it. And should you ever be in Bariloche and think about doing the Cerro Chica bike ride, don’t believe them when they tell you it is a flat loop.