I love farmers markets. I like buying local, when I can. I don’t like what I cost the environment when I purchase things that had to be shipped across the country or the world to get to my grocery store, especially when there are farmers down the road growing these things.

Ideally I’ll grow more of my own produce, but farmers markets are the next best thing. Plus I just love looking at all the fruit and veg. All that color and shape and patterns, and edible yumminess too!

I got something called (if I remember correctly) Asian pears. They look like a mix between a pear and an apple, and apparently in asia they are called apple pears! I had to ask how to tell when they were ready to eat, because I couldn’t figure out if I should expect them to get a little soft, like a pear. And nope, they should be hard like an apple. No idea what they taste like, but that’s part of the fun for me in the markets, finding things that I might never have eaten before.

These are not the apple pears, they’re just regular old apples, with peaches in the background.