A pain in my heel, anyway. I thought I bruised it, but then things got really bad on Friday, and no bruise, and I already know that my fascia hates me. So I looked it up, and sure enough, damn it, plantar fasciitis. For some irony, it is pretty common in runners, and several of my running friends have had it. Not me, I’ve been stuck with recurring ITBS, which has kept me grounded from running too much in these past few years. I have been wary of plantar fasciitis, because (as I mentioned) my fascia hates me, and I also have flat arches, another potential issue for PF.

No, it doesn’t really surprise me that I finally came up with PF. The irony is that I haven’t been running. It came out of no where. I’m not on my feet much, I haven’t been running, I haven’t been doing a whole hell of a lot at all. And wham.

So I’ve been icing it. A lot. That has helped, a lot. I can almost walk normally now, where yesterday I thought I’d cry if I put any pressure at all on my heel. So things are getting better, and hopefully it will go away very quickly and I’ll feel like a normal girl again, able to walk again, rather than tiptoeing.

The good news is that it got me to purchase a book that I’m really excited about. Rich is really anti-medicine for reasons you’d have to ask him about. I’m anti-medicine to a pretty large degree as well, partially because of the animal testing, partially because I shudder to think of the pollution the drug companies produce, partially because I think the medical community is often full of shit, and partially because I just have this thing about it, maybe a macho thing (if a girl can be macho) where if I can get by without it, I bloody well will get by without it. I also seem to be too sensitive to it, so ibuprofin makes me loopy (but, naturally, does nothing for my cramps. at all.) and cold medicine made my head float a mile or so above my body (the few times I took it) and really…vitamin C makes me feel better all around than those stinking pills! Or maybe they dose things out for a 200 lb man, which I am not. Regardless, I avoid the drugs, almost always.

So I asked Rich what herbal anti-inflammatory remedies he knew of, because he’s one to know these things. I meant to stop at the store on my way home yesterday, but all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep. So I haven’t actually gone to the grocery store to get the things I would need (fresh ginger, and devil’s claw if they have it), I did go to the bookstore after he mentioned the book he uses for these things (because I mysteriously had the energy for a bookstore, if not a grocery store!). Prescription for Nutritional Healing is the book, and it is a workout of its own. Save money on dumbells, and just get this book.

It is interesting. I, being the geeky type, have been reading randomly in it, and I would swear that there are certain patterns emerging, such as garlic being a remedy for everything (keeps vampires away too), and eating more raw vegetables and plenty of fruit is always encouraged. This is both good and bad. I love garlic, so that’s no problem, and I do eat a lot of veggies and fruit, though not as much raw veg as would probably be good for me. But still, I probably eat more raw veg than the average person. And that’s the sort of bad news. I’m already doing the things it recommends!

Then again, maybe that is the point. I don’t get sick often, I just seem to get injured. And bad cramps. Something I’ll be reading up on, you know I will! And I’ll probably find out that garlic and raw veggies and fruit are why I get bad cramps. And have hateful fascia. I mean, really, doesn’t it stand to reason?

Tempest and I were both lazy today. It was good. And now you can see her full calico glory!

lazy tempest