My first digital camera was a dSLR, and I adore it. I recently got a second digital camera, a point and shoot, something I could have with me all the time. And I do mean all the time. See, the dSLR was with me most of the time. Going golfing, hell yeah, that dSLR is coming with me! Hiking, shoveling shit at the sanctuary, handing out leaflets, that sucker was strapped to my waist. But I couldn’t bring it to work. I didn’t bring it to the grocery store, or running other errands. Who cares, right? Well, I just have this thing. This compulsion. I see things, and I need to capture them. Sometimes just because I’ll see something I want to remember, more of a snapshot type photo. Othertimes I see something that captures my attention in another way, the way that has me itching to capture that…whatever it is.

I have started to think of these shots I get with my little p&s as car shots, because that’s when I seem to take the pictures, when I’m in the car. No, not while I’m driving. (usually)

underneath a signSo this morning I was at the light waiting to turn left, almost to work, and it was that half-light, I wasn’t even sure there was enough light for this picture to come out. It is one of those things, just a normal ordinary everyday thing in the world, the structure (I’m sure there is a proper term for it) for a sign. And yet I was stopped in just the right place and the light was just right, and there was just something about it that prodded me to take the picture. So I did.

It’s far from a perfect picture, and given the time and circumstance and my dSLR I probably would have fiddled around with things and come up with something I liked better. But in a way I’m glad that I didn’t have that option. This was the quintessential car shot, capturing something I was seeing because I was in my car on my way to work, and the impromptu shot reflects all that better than if I’d had time to fiddle with it.

I’ll always prefer taking pictures with my dSLR, but at least now I will never have to be without a camera, I’ll always be able to capture these car shots. It makes me happy. Even though to most people this probably is a boring shot of something mundane, it satisfies something in me to have been able to capture it this morning. Soul food for me, maybe!

This next picture, well, this was definitely a picture taken to capture what I saw, specifically because I thought, “Rich has to see this!” And so he will!

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