This is how I know I’m a freak: I have actually told my therapist that I feel guilty about all the tissues I use during our sessions. The trees, the trees!

This is how I fix it: I get myself some cloth handkerchiefs (and boy do I sound like my gram now, talking about hankies!). Not only that, I bought them from an artiste who made them herself from old oxford shirts, so I’ll be saving the forests, a few tissues-not-used at a time, and I’ll also be saving things from going to the dump. Reusing is always better than recycling, after all! So I’ll be reducing and reusing all in one fell swoop, as I leak my way through therapy.

I get excited about these things, yes I do!

It also reminds me of how much I love I got my winter hat there last year, and my cloth menstrual pads (sorry guys, the elephant in the room for you that you only wish we’d shut up about, I know), and a bag with a felt octopus on it, and now these handkerchiefs. I love that I can find people doing crafty things, very often in very eco-friendly ways, and when I buy my hat or pads or handkerchief or bag or whatever it is (and they have all kinds of things – jewelry, art, stuff that you might never figure out the purpose of), I’m buying it directly from someone who sat down and made it with their own two hands. And they get the profits directly, not after it has been filtered through three million mega corporations that don’t give a rats ass about the environment.

Anyway. I do love me some etsy. And if you are a crafty one, you can put your stuff up for sale too! In fact, if you are already a crafty etsy artisan, link in your gallery, ’cause friends get first priority when I’m looking for some goods.

moms bowls

My mom made these bowls, by the way. Dad got her into wood turning, and she’s unstoppable now!