I sent my mom a recipe I thought she’d enjoy (Ruby’s Berry Cobbler), and she promised to make it. Then I get this email:

Well I didn’t make the desert tonight. We had a rattlesnake, a diamondback, in the back yard. So we called the fire department to remove it. It was big, and they said heavy, not to mention angry. It was really angry! I need to do a little trimming………….like a lot. After the rain and warm weather thing really grow fast. What I don’t need is to tangle with a rattler. I think those 3 young firemen (1 gal & 2 guys) really enjoyed saving the snake. I understand that they just relocate them. But with all the commotion, I didn’t even think about desert. Tomorrow I will be home and will make it.

I mean, she couldn’t even make up a good excuse! Just one lousy rattlesnake. It was an easy recipe, mom, I swear!