Ha. Like I have one of those! It is a bit strange – I live well within my means, I am really careful to save for the future, I worry about whether I’ll have enough to retire on, but I couldn’t tell you where I want to live 3 years from now (let alone predict where I’ll actually be living 3 years from now), and the only thing I feel certain of is that if my truck is still running reliably, I’ll have my truck. It is currently 13 years old and has 166K miles on it. Surely we’ll be together in 5 years still!

I know some people have specific plans and goals in mind looking at several years in the future. I have a hard time with weeks or months in the future. I do have a goal right now, a self-imposed deadline for October 1, and I know exactly what I need to do to reach that goal (luckily it is an easy goal), and even though the point of that goal is to move forward with other plans, any step beyond that Oct 1 goal is a big blank in my mind.

Goal setting, goal achieving, future predicting (not in the psychic sense)…is this something learned, or are the people out there with five year plans born with an innate ability?

Or am I the only one worrying about it?

If I am, I know who to blame. A very general “who”, that is. Everytime I go to a career type website, it tells me I should prepare for the “where do you see yourself in five years” question, and though I have never been asked that question in an interview, I panic and prepare some silly story anyway, which I forget by the time I am approaching the interview, and I know that if I get asked that question I’m going to say “employed?” in a strangled voice.

Not that question, please! Do I get a pass?

No, no five year plan for me.

I do, however, have a song I’ve been promising Observant Bystandar. A little techno anyone? Speed Racer, and you’ll never look at that cartoon the same way again!

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