Okay, I am going to come clean with y’all….I love photography. I love taking pictures, I love looking at pictures, I love thinking about pictures.

Surprised, aren’t you? Thought so!

I recently have come across a couple photo-dedicated blogs that I’ve become positively addicted to, and they get updated frequently in addition to being fantastic, so I wanted to share them.

The first is PicsieChick, who does a picture a day on her blog, and a quote, but mostly just lets the picture stand, leaving it up to us to react to it as we will.

The second is s t r a y m a t t e r, and I’ve spent a good portion of today scrolling back in time through his picture blog. He includes little blurbs about what drew him to take or post the individual pictures, or other tidbits to put the picture in the context of his life, and I enjoy the blurbs as much as the pictures sometimes.

I think one reason I’m so fascinated with these two blogs in particular is that they each seem to focus (har har) on subjects that I haven’t done much with, don’t feel is a particular strength of mine. PicsieChick does a lot with flowers and bugs, a lot of macro stuff, and I feel like I am really learning something by seeing things through her eye. It seems all line and color and if you didn’t understand why flowers are seen as incredibly sensual things before, you will understand after seeing some of her pics. She has said that she tries to find the beauty in everyday things, and I fully support that goal!

Straymatter is fantastic at capturing people. Mostly unposed (from what I’ve seen so far), or at least not formally posed. And people are my big weakness. I have always hated having my own picture taken, so I think that somehow makes me uncomfortable taking the pictures of others. And then the actual pictures, the textures and colors, and all the rest…well, I’m impressed with his overall ability, and can’t help but wish I could spend some time with him to see his techniques, both for the picture taking as well as the post-processing!

I’m obviously drawn to animals, and I tend to try to fill up the entire frame with their face, sometimes to goofy effects. I like odd angles and perspectives, patterns of light, and I’m very drawn to reflections. Some of my best people portraits have actually been reflections. Apparently being one extra step removed makes me comfortable with people!

I learned by accident that I’m very drawn to viewing sculpture of people, and that it is the hands and feet that draw me in almost more than anything else. I know some people who are drawn to capture “moments” with their cameras, and I think those are the people who tend to be incredible at capturing candid portraits.

Even when we haven’t thought about it before, I think we’re all drawn to certain aspects visually. It could be me photo-geeking out, but I love talking about it, and hearing what others have to say about what draws them!

So, what draws you to pictures or other visual art? Either viewing or taking/making?

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