Being 5′ short and working for a company that skimps on things like quality chairs (for people who are destined to be in front of the computer the majority of their time) and ergonomic desks, I found myself with legs falling asleep. Feet couldn’t reach the ground, chair couldn’t be adjusted to anything even hinting at ideal. Company wouldn’t purchase a foot rest for me (and wouldn’t answer emails on whether or not they would, so I took silence to mean ‘bug off”.), so I went online and purchased one for myself. Since it is for myself, paid for out of my own pocket, and since I don’t expect to grow any taller or for desks to become friendlier to people as (ahem) tall as me, I splurged a bit. I’ll use this for…years. And years. Until either I don’t need to sit at a desk or it breaks.

So. It is the kind of foot rest that made me purchase new shoes. Shoes that slip off easily, and therefore slip back on easily. Why? Because I don’t want to wear shoes while I have my feet on this foot rest. Nope. This foot rest has one of those beaded massagers built in.

Today was my first day with my new foot rest, and we bonded. Yes, indeed, we bonded.

I’m sure my podmates thought I was drinking. Or had gotten a lobotomy. I’m pretty sure I smiled a few times. I didn’t wear my shoes except to walk to the printer, the “rest” room, to get hot water for my tea, or to walk to a coworker’s desk (which I almost never need to do). So, what I’m saying, is that I was massaging my feet for about 8 hours today.

And wow. Why do we ignore our feet so much? It felt so good that on my walks to the printer or to get hot water, I could really feel my feet. I could feel how good and tingly (the good tingly) they felt, and it made me think of how abused they must normally feel, even though all I do is sit in front of my computer every day.

I’ve heard, but can’t remember details, about how many pressure points there are on our feet, and after today, I believe it.

Moral of the story: massage those feet!

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