I feel so ridiculous, I swear, but during a wrenching therapy session, this record came up that I had as a kid. I couldn’t remember what it was called, just that it had a song about it being okay to cry, and Dudley Pippin. My therapist knew exactly what I was talking about, and told me it had been a movie too, which I’d not known.

Anyway, I had to search YouTube to see if I could find it, and of course I did:

It is sort of goofy and is obviously for little kids, but oh well, clearly listening to it as a kid wasn’t enough – I need to listen to it as an adult as well. It totally cracks me up that at the end he says “I know some big boys who cry too.”

And then because I want to start my weekend with some humor, I’ll share the YouTube video that made me first think that YouTube wasn’t all bad…