the sweetheart bean

I made plans to go to a couple sanctuaries in NY with Rich, Beanie’s dad. The sanctuaries are pretty close to each other, both about 2 hours north of Rich’s place in Queens, so on Friday after work I took the bus up to The City (otherwise known as New York City to those of us who haven’t spent most of their life in the shadow of The City) so Rich and I could get an early start on Saturday.

The chinatown bus from DC to NYC is always an experience. There is a certain amount of craziness getting there and then the line of people, and always there are people who have never taken it before, and are asking around in confusion “is this the x bus?” because the company goes by three names that I know of, and where the buses wait is about half a block away from where the office is. Yes, it is a little confusing, and perhaps crazy, and perhaps even not quite on the up and up. We won’t really talk about the fact that there are sometimes shootings between rival companies and what that might mean about the potentially not on the up and up portion of the trip. It really is just a typical boring bus ride whenever I’ve ridden!

Usually I travel with a chronically late friend, which drives me to get there at least 30 minutes before the bus leaves (as recommended by the bus company) as if I’ll somehow compensate for my friend managing to show up 2 minutes before the bus leaves. Like me being there that early will ensure she has a spot on the bus at the last minute. Even if you’ve bought your tickets online, and thus have a more formal reservation, they warn you that they won’t hold your seat if you get there at the last minute. There is nothing I could do if the bus filled up before she got there, yet I get there really early anyway.

So, a bit more relaxed without my chronically-late friend, I didn’t get there until about 15 minutes before the bus was to leave. Much of the bus was already filled, but there were plenty of empty seats. I sat with someone near the front, since the process of getting on and off buses or planes or whatever tends to annoy me.

That was M, and right from the start we had interesting conversations. He is a programmer, like me, though his experience is the complete opposite of mine – different languages, different focuses, the whole bit. We talked about Habitat For Humanity, veganism, environmentalism, his experience figuring out that he was gay while in the military, all kinds of things. I heard about his boyfriend, he heard about all the great vegan restaurants in NYC. (Which betrays my priorities, I guess!)

sacred chow

It was a great way to pass 5 hours! I feel like I maybe made a friend, but time will tell there. I’m pretty horrible at making friends in real life.

And then I got to Rich’s place and he had dinner ready and waiting. Now that is friendship!

I feel like I could go on and on about the weekend, especially about the food, but I think that had better have its own post sometime soon.

Instead, I’ll talk about the evil Bean. You see, Beanie has this dual personality thing going on. The sweetheart and the shredder. It can be pretty hard to tell the difference between them, though when the shredder latches on to you, it gets pretty obvious. Well, I figured out one aspect of this over the weekend.

You see, The Evil Bean isn’t just an evil Bean. He is a fledgling vampire. Look!

the evil bean