I’ve checked out a lot of music from my small library in the past few months, and this is one of my finds that I’m absolutely thrilled with.

I’ve been so impressed with my little branch library. I mean, I’ll check out about 40 cd’s a month, and though I’d swear I should have gone through the vast majority of their not-huge collection at that rate, but I feel like I’ve hardly dented the possibilities for gems I’d not have heard of before. (oops, Leanne, I still have to make that cd for you! Sorry!)

I feel like I have a lot of little big things going on right now. I’ve been working fairly hard at making pieces of my condo into sanctuary, and I feel like I’ve been making progress, though I’m not sure anyone else walking into my place would see it. Who cares, this is about me! And the initial small steps are often the biggest hurdles in the process, so I feel like important things have been accomplished.

I also finally have a cat sitter, one I think I can trust. I’m going with a professional from now on instead of friends. I am tired of feeling like I’m imposing on my friends (and yes, I know that they probably don’t see it that way, but that’s how I feel about it regardless), and I already found out that trusting my neighbor isn’t the greatest.

So I looked online and wondered how do you ever choose? I went with one that I thought sounded good, but they never contacted me after I sent them an email. Scratch that, I need someone responsive. I contacted the next company, and they called me within hours. We set up the initial consult, and I really liked the woman, Christina, who owns the company.

She was a very comfortable engaging person, and she really dug my magical cinnamon circle. She didn’t think I was crazy for not being obsessive about getting every last ant out (I’m okay with the few that take Tempest’s dropped bits, I mainly don’t want them in her food dish), and she understood immediately why I had a giant cinnamon circle around Tempest’s food mat instead of using chemicals. I told her I had a raised dish coming in the mail soon, and she sort of hesitated, and then said “I think they can climb too.” I grinned at her and said “yes, but I’ll be using so much less cinnamon if I only have to circle the four feet of the raised dish instead of the whole dish mat!” She laughed.

I felt like she fit right in, and it is a small company, so I think the guy who will come over to care for my baby will fit in in the same way. It is a relief. I feel good about this.

Tempest is so funny, I just have to share this bit of her personality. I read a lot, and I generally lay down to read. Tempest doesn’t always want attention, but when I’m laying down and reading, she thinks it is a great time to curl up on my chest. When I’m engrossed in reading, I don’t always notice at first that she’s nudging the book. Very often I don’t notice until she’s managed to push the book out of her way, and has started purring her triumph from her perch.

This always makes me smile. I might not be the best mom, letting an engrossing book pull me away from her, but she’s the perfect cat for me, because she knows exactly how to get what she wants anyway.

And, here’s the full pictures of the profile picture I use.

tempest mug shot

And, in fact, that’s pretty much the exact look on her face once she’s achieved her goal!

I love you Tempest!