abby scream

I thought I’d try to give ‘I can has sheese bocaburgers’ a run for their money! But seriously, several things made me want to scream today, and not in that good way you’d expect if you were reading Simonne’s blog.

And then I thought about how we’d all be better off if we could scream, instead of pretending to smile for 8 or 10 hours or however long we’re doomed to sit at our desks. I’ve heard there are some people who like their jobs. I think it is a myth.

So today, as I walked to the water cooler to get hot water for my tea, which I slurp down all day long, partially for the excuse to walk to the water cooler to get more hot water, as well as the excuse to walk to the ladies room for the natural side effect of drinking tea all day long…okay, that was a long sentence. Anyway, as I walked to the water cooler, I was thinking about how nice it would feel to just scream. I was thinking about screaming as I opened the door to the general area where the water cooler was, and of course I almost bumped into someone coming out. He had a funny look on his face, and I think it was probably clear that I was not hiding my desire to scream.

And we all know that he was probably thinking PMS! And wondering whether he should run like hell or pretend to be invisible. Me, I simply continued on to the water cooler. I had a purpose!

Ah, well, he wouldn’t be wrong to think PMS. I don’t think. I’m about a month late, which brings up the question: if an atheist gets pregnant through immaculate conception, are they required to subscribe to the appropriate belief system?

Well, thankfully I imagine things will sort themselves out soon. It isn’t uncommon for me to miss months here and there, as fun as it makes the whole issue of hormones!