I have had a busily exhausting weekend. I’m absolutely ready for a day or two off! Which I’ll get next weekend, I suppose. It doesn’t help that I’ve been working 10 hour days for a couple months now. I have two more days of that, and then I can go back to “short” 8 hour days. And running and yoga, and feeling like I have more of a life than work, which is boring to the point of … something. Something I’m too brain-fuzzed to think of at the moment!

I’d like to blame some of the brain-fuzz on the weather. Humid, overcast, thunderstormy, I felt like I was waiting all day for the sun to come out, but it didn’t really happen. At least it wasn’t raining when I went to the farmers market.

Speaking of which, has anyone ever had “donut” peaches? Wow. They had samples, and after tasting them, I just had to get some of these peaches. They are incredible. Get some!

I met up with some friends for dinner, and it was raining, and only one of my windshield wipers was working, and of course it wasn’t the driver’s side one. That was a bit annoying, but I’m here to say that it really is possible to drive (without crashing into anything) even without windshield wipers. Even better would have been if I’d been familiar with where I was going. But hey, I got there, we ate together, and this place even had vegan soft serve, which is something to get excited about! And I got home without getting lost, which is always a bit of a victory in my life.

But really, I have little to say, so I’m just going to post a picture of one of my favorite cats, Beanie, who lives with one of my best friends, and whose shoulder has been hurting him lately. Beanie doesn’t let it stop him, of course (he’s a lot like my friend, Rich, actually) and will play like a crazy cat even though he’ll only really use three of his legs when the one is hurting him. Hopefully Beanie will be back to his regular sweet, charming, sheet-shredding self soon. (Beanie grew up on the streets, which normally you can’t tell, because he has very polished manners, and a high appreciation for the finer things in life, such as sleeping late on a comfy bed. However, when he plays, he plays serious, hence the sheet-shredding.) Aw, Beanie, I hope you feel better soon!