Okay, you have to croon it, you know, like the TV show’s song? The loooove boat…

Wait, I have to supply you with the real thing:

(Yes, Rich, I hope you were sitting down to witness the second time I have supplied a video!)

This is one of the TV shows I remember watching quite a bit as a kid. It is sort of funny to think back, and remember. I was pretty young, so it wasn’t the halting romance of the Love Boat that had me hooked, it was the humor.

And indeed, I still find people amusing but am content to remain apart from romance. Grace is dancing her way back to herself, and I’ve another friend who is taking what might be a very long cruise on The Love Boat. It makes me happy to see. Today my therapist, that sneaky woman, sprang the topic on me. I don’t think I’d have ever brought it up myself. I’m guessing she knew that.

*sniff sniff*

It was a difficult session. I am not sure either of us believed me when I said I am happy single. But I swear, I am! I score pretty high on the quirky alone quiz, and when I’ve been in relationships, and they’ve ended, there is a really big part of me that sighs in relief, no matter how much I cared for them. “Have you ever been in love?” my therapist asked, and nope, I haven’t.

So I’m still a spectator, enjoying the stories of other people and their love boat cruises, but I’m just not sure I am a cruise kind of person. And, more importantly, I’m not sure I actually want to change that. I’ve been thinking about it today, trying to figure out – am I happy single, or is that just my safe zone to keep myself from being hurt? (how unfair that I’ve never been in love, but have still been hurt!) Is it society that makes us assume that if we were emotionally healthy, we’d want to be paired up, no matter how independent our spirit? I don’t know the answers.

the love boat