There are just so many things going on. Not all of them good, but the awesome thing is that the ones that aren’t great (a chorus of “People Suck!” goes here) are completely overshadowed by the ones that are great.

I’m expanding my crazy radicalness to include a healthy dose of environmental activism. Who needs free time anyway? Or sleep!

No, I’m (mostly) kidding, it will be good to diversify, and animal issues are so incredibly linked to environmental ones as well as human/social justice issues that it all flows together anyway. I’m just getting officially involved with people who have actual campaigns and stuff on the environmental side. I’m really excited about this.

I’m excited about the connections I’m making in that world, as well as this one. I’m not so excited about my neighbor, but I’ve done nothing if not practice for moments like this – I’m excellent at ignoring and avoiding things, and that is exactly what this situation calls for.

I’m not so excited about the “new” project I’m working on. After al the fuss they put up to get me back (I’d been on loan from them to a project I actually liked working on), they ignored me almost the entire day today, my first day back with them. And when the lead finally stopped by, he was like “oh, good, you have something to read!” Er, yeah. Javascript, which isn’t going to be used on this project at all. He didn’t even care to see what I was reading. He was perfectly content with the fact that I was looking busy and charging to his project.

Er, I’m not a business person, but does this make sense? No, of course not! But it is what I have to live with. It is why I’m determined to work on my resume.

But enough of that! It is the rest of my life that I’m excited about. This weekend I’m going to see another crazy friend I met (for the 2nd time) last weekend, who I bonded with, and who I love for all his crazy oh-so-young and oh-so-wise self. That he’s gay only makes it easier to love him. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

And since he’s a “radical” like myself, I’ll feel right at home with him.

“Flash! Flash I love you, but we only have 13 hours to save the Earth!”


Though now I think of it, it could just be the nice cream I had that has given me all this energy!

(Oh, and meet Bluto!)