I spent the weekend in LA at a conference surrounded by other “radicals”. (A description I find hilarious, even though I know most people would see it that way!) It was both comforting and a good reminder that just because we share some basic beliefs, we aren’t all going to be friends.

Mostly, I was inspired. Intellectually as well as emotionally. I’m fired up, and I know I had better put it to use before it all just fizzles. These things never really just fizzle, anyway, we have to do something with the fire, and I need to make sure it is something constructive.

One of the interesting aspects was realizing or being reminded that my isolation from a forum I used to spend a lot of time on has actually freed me up to being less isolated from others in the movement who are not part of that forum. Is that getting complicated? I am not sure, but I do feel like I’m making more deep connections within the overall group now that I’m not limiting myself to people from that one forum.

And it made it doubly clear how precious my other connections are, such as people in the blogosphere I’ve been meeting recently, and my two RL friends who read this!

Anyway, it was a good weekend. Despite that going twice to the beach didn’t net me sunset pictures! It was an atypical summer weekend in LA. In the 70’s. My curse.

I also found that I made a mistake in asking my neighbor to care for my cat while I was gone. She’s got a wide-eyed look that doesn’t say good things. She was half-wearing a halter that his kids dug out of my stuff somewhere, and they were obviously not supervised enough with her. She could only hobble because of how the halter was on her, and was left that way for at least a day. She’s not injured, overall, but I certainly will not trust her care to careless people again.

I’m going to suck it up and pay a professional pet sitter from now on. The only local people I can trust to care for her live just far enough away that I feel like I’m imposing, especially in light of traffic issues they’d have to deal with on weekdays. It is worth extra cost for the peace of mind, and the knowledge that she’s in good hands.

My poor baby. I can’t imagine what it must be like for parents of human children. For all that I need someone to check on my cat once a day and to feed her when I’m gone, she’s much more self-sufficient and able to take care of herself than a human child is. I can’t imagine how parents deal with finding babysitters they can trust! I definitely understand a friend who only lets family take care of her kids.

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