I got a comment, via email, about the pictures I have used the past couple days.

“I noticed you have had a NYC theme lately!”

The truth, I was forced to admit, is that the real theme is my laziness. I suppose I don’t need to post pictures with each post, but somehow I feel incomplete if I don’t. This goes along with feeling naked if I don’t have my camera, so I suppose it makes sense.

But I was also feelng lazy. Something that is far from uncommon. So a few days ago I wanted to use a picture that I had already processed and uploaded to smugmug, where I have my pictures hosted. I didn’t have a specific picture in mind, so I just browsed through my galleries, and I hit on a gallery from a trip to NYC in late January. Eh, good enough for me!

The next day, another picture from that gallery…because I was too lazy to even change galleries!

And so today, I’m going with it. Another picture from the same trip, the same gallery, the same page on my gallery. Ah, NY! Where else would you have a sign like this? For the life of me, I can’t remember what it was even trying to advertise! Rich?

nyc sign