Sometimes I discourage myself for no good reason. Sometimes I’m not discouraged for no good reason. Today was a day for both.

Work, despite being a 10 hour day, went by not too horribly. I’m excited about some of the technology I’m being given a chance to learn, such a turn around from my first bleak 4 or so months at this job, from the previous 3 years in this career. And naturally I’m only “on loan” to this project, and due to be snatched back to bleakness in the next month or so. I’m going to try to fix that. Because frankly, it sucks. But I wasn’t even thinking about that (much), I was just happily reading about swixml and ajax and gwt and …well, and.

I got home and threw my running stuff on, which is a ritual I have missed, and hopefully that part of my life is turning around now too. I can still feel that the ITBS wants to wreak its havoc, but the chi-running, upon which I concentrated fiercely for the entire whopping 12 minutes I ran, kept the my IT Band from complaining. So. More concentration, more running, I can do this. I’m embarrassingly out of shape, but muscle memory is my friend.

green tomato with message

Some of my neighbors left me a message. I’m sure it is fraught with meaning, but I’m having a hard time deciphering it. I really wish they’d use something other than visualMorseCode! Or maybe she was just carving her initials? H. Henrietta, perhaps. I haven’t gotten to know my neighbors very well yet, so I’m really quite clueless with this one.

I am impressed by the precision and delicacy with which the message was carved. Artists, I’m sure they are!

Oh, and as it turns out, my tomato is perfectly ripe now. I only wish I’d had a chance to give it a taste. Looks like it was quite delicious!

When I first saw this (on my way out on my successful run), I laughed trying to imagine my neighbors pinching their faces to take such a perfect bite out of the tomato. They cleaned it out quite well! Of course I figured it was my more civilized neighbors who had actually feasted. Which, was the question. I had pretty much assumed it was the squirrels, right up until I got back from my run. It was Henrietta, a bird of some kind. She was perched on the tomato plant nibbling away! Well, she is obviously hungrier than I am. Hopefully I’ll get at least one tomato for myself though!

ripe tomato