I am an idiot…for many reasons. In regards to certain people, there just is no denying my idiotocrity. When it comes to sleeping, or not (as the case may be), there again, I’m not only an idiot but an immature one. Speaking of immature, there is also the sheer idiot factor in “talking to myself” in the same tone as my mother talked to me when I was a kid, and rebelling against myself just as I rebelled against my mother, when I was a kid.

But no, that’s not what makes me an idiot today!

Today, the magnitude of my idiotness was clear when I walked into the laundry room of my building and thought, upon seeing one of the bikes, “that looks like my bike!”

Um, yeah. It doesn’t just look like my bike.


The really sad but funny part is that today, I have felt quite human, to make a change from the rest of the week! I have felt rested, like my brain was firing on at least half its cylinders. I was reasonably productive at work, not as frustrated (that was yesterday’s theme) as I usually am by things not working properly when expected. (Today things were working properly when not expected, to make for a change.)

Anyway, I had an idiot moment yesterday too, when I thought, “gee, that looks like a bird in a nest up there!”

bird in nest