Frustration seems to be a theme in my life lately. Frustrated at work, frustrated with people, frustrated in my relationship with sleep (we seem to have broken up), frustrated with my aging computer, frustrated with the fact that the computer I want, which I’m willing to pay a good chunk of change for, is out of stock, has been out of stock for almost a week, and which will be out of stock until at least Tuesday.

I want my computer.

I still love my “old” computer, which is only 2.5 years old, but I’m doing so much more image processing on it than I used to, and it is just having a hard time keeping up.

Plus the hard drive is annoyingly small when you’re processing this many pictures.

For instance, I took 1200 pictures in one day at the sanctuary in Denver. Granted, that was unusual, and I was trying to take a lot of pictures, because … well, there are many reasons.

And that is another frustration, I guess. I have 1200 pictures I want and need to process, and having a new computer would make that less of a hassle.

Alas, I need to find patience despite my frustration. Maybe sleeping would help!

Well, Leanne, you were asking for some pics from the sanctuary, and this is one. Actually, I’ve posted several from the sanctuary, but this is one that is obviously from the sanctuary.

Meet Melvin, the proudest friendliest turkey you can imagine. He loves to strut his stuff for people, just loves the attention! The colors in the wattle change, depending on his mood; they have quite a bit of control over this, as it is a very vascular area. It is velvety soft, as well.