When I was in Denver a bit over a week ago, I went to a couple galleries for First Friday. I’d never been to these galleries before, and they were pretty cool. One of them had these odd glass or ceramic or some material cow skulls, which I found oddly compelling. I know, you wouldn’t expect that I would, but I did. As much for the shadows that the horns cast on the wall as anything else. Though the colors were gorgeous as well – rich reds, mostly.

I took a few pictures there and at the next place we went to, which turned out to be a woodworking studio. They had this gorgeous burled walnut that was being made into a box of some kind. The guy working there, once he saw how interested I was in that wood, pulled over a bucket so I could see the top. “You can see faces in the patterns on the top,” he said, and indeed I could. So of course I took pictures of that too.

But just about my favorite picture from that night only had to do with First Friday by virtue of being outside the first gallery. I can’t quite explain what drew my eye to it as we stood there, but I whipped out my camera for a shot anyway. And then tried to explain my strangeness to the couple walking up at that moment, to unlock their bikes.

Ah, well, if you’re going to be strange, standing outside an art gallery where people were wearing weird 50’s getups is the place, I suppose!

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