…is coming back. Nothing ever seems right, and though I’m exhausted it is my own fault. Most people sleep quite a bit on vacation, I think. Me, I’m up at sunrise taking pictures of aliens hanging out in cars.

alien on the prairie

Okay, the truth is that it wasn’t an alien, but that’s what someone said it looked like when they saw the pic. And it sort of does. And, really, I’ll take that as an excuse. Simply waking up because the sun was up (before 6am, I might add) seems a bit foolish.

My last couple of days in Denver were great. The day at the sanctuary was really fabulous; from the conversations to the animals, and the millions of pics. Okay, not millions, just…oh, about 1200. I could hardly believe how many pics I took, how many pics there were to take.

The only thing missing from that idyl was a nice shower. There was a shower, but no hot water. I skipped the shower, but my friends assured me the next day that i wasn’t too stinky. Which was a good thing, because we had an extensive menu planned for dinner. It went like this:

  • Millet-Sunflower Croquettes with Smoky Black Bean Sauce
  • Roasted Asparagus
  • “Sour Cream” with Ginger and Chives (the “sour cream” being silken tofu based, of course)
  • Jicama, Radish, an Watercress Salad with Avacado Dressing
  • Gingered Pear Trifle

It was actually a fairly easy menu to put together, considering it was “gourmet”, and we had it on the table much quicker than we’ve been known to accomplish in the past. It was fantastic, too. The cookbook we used even gives instructions on presentation, which made a quick picture necessary. My friends were fascinated at the silken tofu, the way it became both a “sour cream” as well as a pudding for the Trifle. I have a feeling silken tofu will become a regular item in their pantry, now that they know the magic.

vegan dinner night