I had spent most of yesterday in Boulder, since there were a few things I wanted to get done. There’s this tea that I absolutely love, and their flagship store is in boulder, so there I went. And then there was falafel, left-hand books, a running store (attempt to get real sunglasses, instead of kids sunglasses, but that failed!), and Three Little Figs, a vegan market. I bought a bunch of junk food, including some truffles and various assorted candies. And Sheese. And other stuff.

After I got back to Denver, I hooked up with a friend, and we went to a part of town with a few art galleries I’d never been to before, for First Friday’s art walk. It was a lot of fun, especially the woodworking gallery we were able to visit. And then it was to Denver’s vegetarian restaurant, Watercourse, where I had some really tasty seitan fajitas and key lime pie for dessert. One of my favorite people was working there, and at the end of his shift he sat down with us and talked for quite a while. He’s such a cherub, he makes me smile. Gives me hope for this messed up world.

For the grand finale, we went to a bar downtown that plays sort of big band meets funk type of music. It is pretty good, though not really my first choice. We had fun though, and I think I shocked this poor guy who was bugging me to dance. I wasn’t really feeling it, and he kept saying “look, it’s easy, I’ll show you how.” So finally, I got up and danced. And he didn’t know quite what to do with someone like me, who loves to dance and dances to dance, and has no real use for a partner on the dance floor. Yeah, he didn’t have any moves to teach me anyway. I had fun, but I think he was a bit traumatized!

Today I’m off to the sanctuary, where I’ll have hours and hours of picture opportunities, followed by what I expect will be hours of great conversation and junk food.


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