I haven’t felt like I have a real home in a while. I just move from place to place, and mostly I enjoy that. It is always funny to go back to the places I’ve lived, and feel like I’m coming home. Part of why I move from these places is that they don’t really feel like home, which is why it is sort of odd to feel like they’re home when I come back after moving.

Today is my first day on my vacation back to Denver, and I feel giddy. I’m having a lot of fun running around to my old haunts, and this whole trip is going to be a bit like that.

Some of it is seeing old friends. Most of it I don’t think I could even define.

Tomorrow I’ll spend a lot of time in Boulder. I have a few things I want to do, including stop at the store of my favorite teas, The Tea Spot. I will probably stop in a running store, see if they have any sunglasses I like. (my last pair broke, poor things.) Somehow shopping is easier in Denver. Well, that isn’t much of a surprise. Big streets, big parking lots. Old cities are charming, but sometimes they’re a pain in the ass.

Despite how much fun it seems to be here, I think I’ll still be happy to go home to my new home. Home is where Tempest is? Close enough for me. My new home isn’t without charm, after all.  Regardless of how I feel about my new home, it is not going to impede my giddy excitement about this trip, I can tell.

bike in boulder