The start of my vacation supposedly started when I bought my ticket, but I’ve been working extra hours to conserve vacation time, so it certainly hasn’t seemed like a vacation. So maybe it started when I finished packing last night and had care all set up for my cat. Or maybe it starts when I get to the airport and past security, since all you have to do at that point is sit and wait and the rest is taken care of?

Getting to the airport was a breeze. One glance at the check-in line, and I decided to shove my camera in with my laptop because it wasn’t looking like a good option to check anything. The bag I’d planned on checking is easily a carry-on, so not as comfortable, but doable. Got through security quickly. So quickly, in fact, that the gate wasn’t set up yet, and there were 30 minutes until boarding would even start, 60 minutes before we were to take off. Okay. A quick wander of the small terminal brought me to the oddity of a place called Potbelly, where they serve vegan delights such as soy lattes, steel cut oatmeal (only until 10:30am) and bagels, which might or might not be vegan. I got a soy latte, and wandered the 100 yards back to the gate.

Where, only 40 minutes before we were to take off, 10 minutes until we were to board, it was starting to seem suspicious that there was no one behind the counter. The area wasn’t very full of people waiting either. I overheard some guy complaining about how he wasn’t going to get “there” until 10:30 because his flight was delayed and he’d miss his connection. I overheard someone else talking about ice storms, and a flight delayed from 9am until 12:30. Wait…

So I scooted over to the woman who seemed to be talking about my flight. I asked, and sure enough, there had been absolutely no reason to leave my place by 7am. The flight was delayed almost 4 hours.

So, here I am, back at home, waiting for my vacation to start. Except now it really does feel like vacation already. Birds chirping, the place is clean, the bags are packed, I need only to wait another hour or so until I head back to the airport for a leisurly 12:30pm flight departure.

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