Have you ever heard a cat do that throaty meow with a mouth full? That’s what I heard this afternoon.

I can hear her meowing as soon as I come in the building. She keeps talking as I unlock the door, and then she starts sounding desperate as I open the door. She’s been home, alone, all day long, and now it is time to be fed! No bathroom breaks or anything but a beeline toward her foodbowl is allowed until this important task is completed. She’s like this in the morning too, though she can’t claim loneliness then – just desperate hunger, in her perspective. She doesn’t stop her demands even when she knows I am getting her food for her right then. It would be sort of embarrassing to have to warn guests that she’ll probably wake them up at the crack of dawn, claiming that she’s starving to death, except my friends tend to have cats and dogs that are just as demanding, so it is just par for the course.

She also wants me to be near her while she eats. So today I headed to the bathroom after feeding her, and she followed me, mouth full, meowing pitifully to get me to follow her back to her eating area. It is a funny sound, and it definitely drives home the fact that at least half of her claims of hunger are really just her wanting attention.

Spoiled? Nah. But in my mind she wears a tiara.

In her mind I’m pretty sure it is a full crown.

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