I have so many things I should have been doing tonight – yoga, laundry, working on some pictures. I need to order some prints, but I need to get the pictures done up properly first. I should be motivated, but I can’t seem to sit down to get it done.

I was reading online today about how people are more exhausted than they used to be – big surprise there. Except the article was about the long hours people work, the smaller number of breaks they take…I don’t work more than my 40 hrs/week, at least not if you look at the average across the month, so I don’t feel like it is work that has me exhausted. No, it just feels like life.

Despite the ability to do most of my shopping online, if I choose, it seems like life takes a big bite out of my energy stores. Battling traffic (I’m a poser – I have a 20 minute against-traffic commute), coordinating schedules, trying to make connections so I can line up or hire a cat-sitter. And the tub! But enough about the tub.

And, of course, one answer to this might be to just get more sleep. Where is the fun in that? Seriously, I’m like a little kid when it comes to bed time. “10 more minutes!”

At least I gave up my work-day latte. My 3 week anniversary of that little feat was today.

Well, here’s something I bet you didn’t know: Barbie is a total lush. I have proof!

barbie is a lush