I was at the library last Friday, and ended up having a rather long conversation with this older guy about a wide range of topics. He found out I am a programmer, and had this great joke, which really resonated with me.

“How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?”

*crickets* I’m thinking, but clueless.

“None. That’s a hardware problem.”

And how true that is! I can program stuff, but I can’t fix my own computer. I can’t fix my tub either! (Yes the tub spout is still messed up. From talking to someone at work, it sounds like I might be paying a lot of money to have someone go in through the “access panel” in back of it, which means they’ll cut a hole in the wall, and in that case they’ll have to ruin the tile that surrounds my tub. nice)

So anyway…that was actually a joke that was funny to me because it fits my life!

cinder on couch