Well. I had a whole post written out, and it was gobbled up by the blog monster. I’ll try it again.

I was babbling about vampire books (Lelu, I think you’d like Charlaine Harris!), and how it had lead me to read a couple novels about a woman who had been hit by lightening and now could “read” the cause of death of dead people if she is near their bodies. So strange, and I’m so addicted to this kind of book. I am not sure exactly why. Maybe after reading about the resource wars in Bolivia, and about the Spanish Revolution, and about how we’re destroying the earth with our habits and pollution, I need not only the general escapism of novels, but escapism that goes well beyond the bounds of conventional reality.

That’s my story, anyway.

It is one of the things I love best about libraries – finding random books that you’re not sure you’ll like, but grabbing them anyway. Hey, it is free as long as you take care of the $1.40 in fines, and don’t lose the book and get sent to collections! heh.

I also love picking up music there. The library closest to me has a decent collection, considering the library size, and the total number of cd’s. I think almost half of the cd’s are world music. A lot from south america, which suits me just fine. They also have a lot from the putumayo label, which is one of my favorite labels.

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