Well, it has actually been two weeks, today, since I’ve had a latte at work. It is amazing, for me. It was a huge emotional crutch, and I didn’t think I’d have the motivation to get out from under it any time soon.

It doesn’t help that I’m not usually very happy at work. The latte was my little pleasure. It was like a pacifier or a security blanket – I’d sip on it all day long. Literally. 9 hours later, I’d finish the last few sips just before I’d head home.

So what changed? I went to the coffeeshop, a bit annoyed, running late, stopping anyway. I’d contemplated skipping the latte, but with a twinge of panic at the thought of going through my day without my latte, I stopped at the coffeeshop after all. It is only a 5-7 minute difference for me to stop and get the latte (yes I know for certain) so it isn’t going to make much of a difference in my commute time either way. I parked, got out of my truck, and paused to read the note on the door.

“Sorry, we are out of soy milk today.”

Well, that took care of that. I’m sure there was another coffeeshop lurking somewhere nearby, but I didn’t know off the top of my head, and I didn’t feel like making myself any later. I had a long day ahead of me. With a mental shrug, I figured it was a good reason as any to kick the latte habit.

I still have them on the weekends. Honestly, it was never the caffeine, it was always some weird emotional tie to them. On the weekends it is more of a treat.

So now at work I drink a lot of tea. About half decaffeinated, half with caffeine. I like tea, so this is no hardship. The hardest part is having to remember to bring more food with me. (which really means more fruit) I’m pretty much settled into my new routine now though. I’m happy. One more justification for more photography equipment.