I had an appointment today, so I left work early. And since it was a gorgeous day, it seemed like a good day to use an appointment as an excuse to take a half day. So I did.

And it is gorgeous. Warm and sunny. I went to the grocery store, and the library, feeling relaxed and pretty damn happy. I sat out on my patio and read in the gorgeous weather. Tempest loves it out there, obviously. There are so many birds around, she can hardly decide who to watch!

I’m so glad I went with this place. The patio makes it all worth it. Stompy upstairs neighbors, the war with the tub spout…who cares when I can make Tempest this happy? I am rather fond of the patio for purely selfish loving-to-be-outside reasons as well.

I’m looking forward to when I have my garden going too – there is something so satisfying about mucking around with dirt and plants. I got a jalapeno pepper plant and a green bell pepper plant at the store today. (Buying plants goes completely against everything that I was told in “Food Not Lawns”, but the sign assured me I was purchasing from a collective in Shippensburg, PA, so how much better could I do until I hook up with some gardeners here? That’s my excuse, anyway! Really I’m just impatient.)

In the meantime, I’m just letting the weeds grow (partial excuse is from FNL – I shouldn’t pull a weed until I know what it is, since they might be volunteers of a plant I want, and regardless what is growing will tell me the conditions of the soil), and pretending there is a plan. Hey, I think weeds are kind of pretty, and Tempest doesn’t mind them at all!

tempest on patio