I need raised beds. I need to make raised beds. I have also been reading “Food Not Lawns” so just the thought of going to Home Depot (or anywhere) to actually buy what I could scavenge (and thus save material from being added to the dumps) makes me feel guilty. I’m not an experienced gleaner, so I don’t know quite how to go about scavenging for scrap lumber.

Construction sites? Sure. There is one across the street! There is a piece of wood in what looks like a trash pile. Can I just take it? No one is there to ask…I’d still have to figure out how to cut it with no cutting tools.

There is also a box spring sitting by the trash. I could salvage the wood from that. I should probably do that, just on priciple. I can’t seem to overcome how silly I will feel if I meet my neighbors while scavenging their trash!