After all my excitement about trying out my new lens, naturally I forgot to put the battery back in my camera after making a point to recharge it, so no pics at all from our half day at Poplar Spring. I’d been looking forward to taking pics all week, so I was disappointed with myself. It was still great to be there, but I felt naked without my camera! I will have to go back next weekend, which is definitely not a hardship. It was so nice to be there after so many months absence!

The season’s first farmers market for the little market down the street from my place was today, and I managed to get there 10 minutes before it closed and picked up a few plants. Tomato, and cucumber, and peas. Hopefully I will be able to nurture them and enjoy vegetables from my own garden at some point. I’m looking forward to trying.

So many projects and so little free time! No wonder I resent Mondays so much.